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Posted on May 7, 2011 by Conran

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A.J. Irons, Lucky DanielsThere is no better way to be woken up than by a warm and wet mouth on your cock. AJ Irons is the sexy smooth jock sharing a bed with hunky Lucky Daniels in this shoot, and when Lucky gets a feel of that hard bulge he can’t help but wake his buddy with a blowjob!





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A.J. Irons and Lucky Daniels
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Lucky releases that meaty cock from those briefs and lovingly licks and sucks on his hard cock, sucking it all the way in. No guy can sleep through that, and as AJ opens his eyes to the pleasure he relaxes and groans as his friend sucks him off.

In the mood for more, AJ soon rolls over and offers Lucky his firm butt. He parts those muscled cheeks and dives right in, licking and slurping on his hole and driving his tongue deep. But it’s not his hole that’s about to be filled!

Lucky offers his own tight ass next, giving it up for his lover to slide his dick inside and fuck him smooth and slow. As AJ’s dick slides in and out of his chute, Lucky strokes his own hard dick, leaking a constant stream of precum from that dick, getting it all shiny and slippery.

AJ’s gorgeous cock does a great job of hitting the right spot, and soon Lucky is stroking his shaft faster, squirting a big load all over himself! Just the sight of that cum exploding from his buddy’s dick sends AJ over the edge and he’s soon offering his own thick load, pulling out just in time to jerk out a splashing climax all over his muscled friend!

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