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Posted on July 4, 2011 by Conran

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James HuntsmanI love watching a guy getting his cock hard and then stroking it for the cameras. And I really love it when it’s a new guy I haven’t seen jerking off before. Can it get much better? Yes, when that guy has one of my favorite toys sliding down his shaft and he’s getting so into it he cums a massive load at the end!





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James Huntsman has masses of attitude, and masses of tight muscle too! He’s gorgeous, he looks a little “trailer trash”, and he’s really into showing off his hot body and gorgeous hard cock for all the guys out there. But not only does he really get into jacking that cock, he likes to tease with that perfect plump muscle butt too.

The Fleshjack is one of my favorite toys to jerk off with. It feels amazing to slide your cock into that soft sleeve and feel the sensations as the textured tunnel caresses your head and shaft all the way to the balls. Being deep in one of those is like fucking the most perfect ass and wet mouth all at the same time.

James is really into it too, and after showing off his muscled body he’s soon got that hard and meaty cock out for a good stroking! We get some really good views as he strokes that shaft and his swollen balls swing and bounce beneath, but it’s when he moves to fucking the Fleshjack that we really get a good show!

With his cock glistening with a mixture of lube and precum he parts the soft mounds of the toy and drives his cock deep inside. He pulls it completely off to show the redness of his engorged cock head, the cum load building up as that toy caresses the entire length of his throbbing shaft.

I know the kind of cum load a good Fleshjack fucking session can create, want to watch him spew his load all over the place?

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